MaidSafe Coming Soon

After years of development and millions of dollars in crowdfunding, Maidsafe is finally set to bring its dream of a truly decentralized Internet to life. Although the development team has not listed a specific date for software release, they have confirmed that testing is in the final stages.


Maidsafe will operate on tokens called Safecoins, which have been available for trading since a crowdsale in 2014. Anticipating software release, speculators have already driven the Safecoin price up over 400% this year.

With a current market capitalization of just $30 million, I expect at least another 200% increase upon software release. This estimate is based on the current market caps of other top-performing blockchain projects. Short-term gains of over 1000% are likely, which would put Maidsafe on par with Ripple.

Long-term gains are likely to far-exceed these numbers. By nature, Maidsafe offers “permissionless innovation”, allowing anyone to build applications upon the network. Realizing the revolutionary nature of this network, the global computer science community at large can be expected to build upon Maidsafe at a rapid pace.

Someday this project will be valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars, or far more. Mark my word. (But by that time we won’t use dollars anymore. We’ll value things in bitcoin!)


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